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November 24, 2011
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Stitching Brush Set by Elric888 Stitching Brush Set by Elric888
This set of brushes contains 114 hand and machine stitches. All the brushes in the set are fairly large (it's easier to downsize a brush, than to enlarge it and still maintain the pixel integrity :)) and are shown actual size in the preview pic. Each brush is clearly labeled, and some have usage notes to prevent the uninformed (those who know little or nothing about sewing) from misusing them and taking away from the realism of a work they're used in. That being said, many of them are used (rarely) for decorative top-stitching, so don't let me stop you :D.

The set is arranged with all the hand stitches first; followed by a separator brush marking the beginning of the machine stitches. The first two brushes in the set are the same ones I used to create all the thread brushes. If you need to do any custom stitching (embroidery, etc.), you can use the pen tool to create the stitch: stroke the path with the 4 pixel brush, then stroke it again with the 2 pixel eraser. Doing it this way will maintain the same look as these brushes. Incidentally the floss stitches were done with a 5 pixel brush and 4 pixel eraser. All of the stitches are dependant on the direction of your stroke, and many of them look fine if you keep your curves relatively wide. Most of the stitches that cross each other (herringbone, featherstitch, blanket stitch, etc.) can't tolerate much curving before they look weird. If you need to draw them curvy, you'll need to do some manual touching up (use the 2 pixel), or simply plop a single one and duplicate/rotate it as desired. You'll have to touch up the end stitch for these brushes after drawing them too. The chainstitch, appearing in the handstitch half is also produced by most quality machines (it's labeled too).

The Buttonhole stamp brushes only come in one size, if you need a longer or shorter hand-bound buttonhole, the narrow buttonhole stitch brush can be used to do so (along with the custom length bar tack brush). These brushes serve as a good example of how to construct hand finished buttonholes . There are no brushes specifically for machine sewn buttonholes, these are done with short/wide machine zig-zag (use the 5W/24L brush) and a satin stitch (or zig-zag stitch) to make the end bar tacks. For rounded machine buttonholes, use the 2W/24L stitch, and cut a single full ball stitch in half for the end tacks. Similarly, the arrowhead pattern is used to make machine facsimilies of arrowhead tacks (just use a single one). All of the edging stitches are labeled with which side is on the edge (on the preview), which is drawn left to right to get the same orientation BTW. If it's also a hemming stitch the orientation is up unless otherwise noted.

There are a number of brushes left out of the preview pic, as there simply wasn't enough room to have them all (for some reason I prefer to do all my previews at wallpaper size..go figure). Only a sampling of the standard machine stitch widths/lengths are shown, and there are several others missing (both hand and machine stitches). I didn't make a brush for every possible machine stitch, but there's a decent sampling of less common stitches, twin-needle stitches, decorative topstitching, etc. If You're savvy in the zen ways of Photoshop, many of the stitches I left out will be easy to make with the brushes in this set anyway (alternating needle position, combination stitches, twin needles, etc.). There are also some hand stitches I intentionally left out, due to the unlikelyhood of anyone actually needing them, plus there may be quite a few that I don't know about too :) .. that being said, this is still probably the most complete brush set of it's kind that you're likely to find. Most of the brushes were made using reference material from around the house (my Mom is a seamstress), all of the handstitches are accurately named, as are most of the machine stitches, there are, however, a few machine stitches in this set that didn't appear in any of our reference books (but appear on one, or more, of the machines), so these are named with an educated guess based on nearby settings (of known stitches) on the machines, and/or knowing what they're used a couple of cases they are named based on their shape.

Feel free to use in any non-commercial works, credit to me is appreciated (but not necessary), as is a link-back to see what they're being used for. If you like, and/or use these brushes a fave is also greatly appreciated, as is a donation of a point or two :D
For commercial use contact me first (this includes prints). Under no circumstances do I condone the use of my brush sets for racist works, or any other form of hatred. Make your own brushes..don't let me catch you using mine. These brushes were made in P/S CS4.

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Soscrumptious Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014
Wow, these are incredible and mind-blowingly comprehensive. I've never seen anything like them before! 
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Thank you so much! I used it here…
MoNamisha Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014

Really nice brushes, thank you for the hard work! :)
How much would it cost to use these commercially? 
Do let me know.

Much thanks!
anacmola Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014
Muchas gracias
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